About Andrea Lee


Andrea is currently completing a Masters in Criminology at Bond University, due for completion in December 2015.  Andrea plans to continue her studies in 2016 to pursue research in the field of violence, particularly domestic violence, and the role women play in both perpetration and precipitation.

In earlier careers, Andrea was the Chief Executive Officer of Ohana for Youth from 1997 to 2014. Ohana is a Gold Coast charity that supports teens who have prematurely disconnected from school. In 2012, Andrea and her team founded Arcadia College, an independent secondary school designed to meet the educational and welfare needs of teens who have disengaged from mainstream school. After 17 years in the CEO role, Andrea retired from both organisations in June 2014 to continue and complete her university studies in criminology.

Andrea has received the following awards:

2013 Australian Institute of Management Excellence Awards, NFP Manager of the Year, QLD state finalist

2013 Australia Day Community Award, Gold Coast City

2012 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, QLD state finalist

2009 International Women’s Day Leadership Award, Gold Coast



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